Sunniva Abelli  Nyckelharpa - Performing Artist - Composer

Sunniva Abelli is a Swedish nyckelharpa player, singer and composer of contemporary folk music with roots in Nordic traditions. She is known for her poetic lyrics and dynamic, groovy playing and she has developed an unique style in using feet, voice and dancing while playing the nyckelharpa. Sunniva Abelli is considered to be one of the most important nyckelharpa players in Sweden and released her debut CD Framåt! (Forward!) in November 2014.

”Forward! The will that cannot be stopped. I bow down my head and prepare – I tried to reach for this moment for so long and now I´m here, ready to go further on, to follow the heart beat.

My life is full of directions. What makes this will so strong?

One step forward and two steps back

Just today I cannot promise anything

I will take one day at a time

I will stay in my song a little while"

Reviews Framåt!

”4,7 out of 5 stars” (Jan Hocek,

"Beautiful, unique and expressive" /Spelmannen

”…I think Sunniva Abelli wants to show that she is allround. And there is no doubt that she succeds, also as a singer, when she alternate between the octaves almost as easy as Emma Härdelin. Sometimes it sounds like Abelli is standing in the kitchen, practicing on her nyckelharpa, because sometimes the playing is almost a bit nonchalant skilled. Not too technical and absolutely sensitive…” (Bengt Edqvist, Lira music magasine)



Nordic Master in Folk Music: Royal College of Music in Stockholm (SE), The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (DK) ,  Sibelius Academy (FI) and Ole Bull Akademiet (NO) 2013-2015

Royal College of Music in Stockholm: Swedish folk music, artistic program 2009-2012

Eric Sahlström Institutet: Swedish folk music, main instrument Nyckelharpa 2006-07

Stockholms Estetiska Gymnasium, music with focus on music production and working with a wide variety of genres 2003-2006.


Winner of the Nyckelharpa Youth Championship in 2007

Eric Sahlström Stipendiet – youth award for nyckelharpa players 2002

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